Sit in the driver's seat formula

The rapid change of today demands personalities with clear values and a commitment to oneself. This includes reflection, the courage to question rigid assumptions about oneself and the world, the shifting of personal boundaries, a good handling of uncertainty and apparent contradictions.


The Sit-in-the-driver’s-seat formula provides a reliable model for developing your 21st century leadership skills.

    You know your strengths, trust your abilities, face conflicts and consider failures as important signposts.


    You have an opinion and contribute constructively. You have the courage to say yes and the courage to say no. You do so with appreciation and respect.


    you are the expert on your life, pursue well-being in a holistic manner, learn to deal with difficult situations, to find solutions and to develop perspectives.


    You search for and appreciate the meaning of your work. You believe in joining efforts and value the contribution of others.


    You stand for yourself, act in keeping with your values, know who you are. You are aware of your strengths, weaknesses and contradictions. You are authentic and act mindfully.


Coaching is for people who want to change and grow. As your partner I work with you on an equal footing.  I support people in a variety of change processes with a particular focus on

  • Leaders who want to make their business fit for continuous change and provide meaning and direction;
  • Leaders who, in change processes, find themselves in the sandwich position between management and employees and want to remain “human”;
  • Women who successfully go on their career path and find out at one point that there is still a glass ceiling;
  • Emerging talents who want to qualify for higher tasks;
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals who face complex challenges in developing their businesses.


Coaching and mentoring can complement and reinforce each other in an ideal way. As a mentor, I provide you with all the experience of my career. This includes “Telling and Showing,” “Do’s and Dont’s” in business dealings and your appearance on the international stage. Guidance and active support are in the foreground here. Topics include

  • Career planning
  • Control and manage change processes
  • Taking over leadership tasks
  • Preparing for negotiations
  • Conflict situations
  • Transfer to other countries, cultures
  • Social appearance, business diplomacy

Mentoring is typically designed on a longer-term basis and works on the continuous development of your personality and skills. I would be happy to advise you on a tailor-made package.