Sound decisions, meaningful actions, coherent results

“With 30 years of experience in international business
I help others to
sit in the driver’s seat of their careers”

Gabriela Abado, business coach

Sicher entscheiden, sinnvoll handeln, stimmige Resultate erzielen
  • Do you feel stuck in a dead-end-job?
  • Are you going through a significant change process?
  • Are you facing new professional challenges?


Then it is the time to assess your situation from all sides and define your course.
I am here to support you with my extensive experience and tried-and-tested methods to develop solutions with you.

Such a process will widen your scope, make your decisions sound, your actions meaningful and the result coherent with your situation.

Sit in the driver’s seat

My career in top management and as entrepreneur has taught me to remain seated at the wheel even in the most  difficult situations.
I distilled the quintessence of my experiences into my Sit in the driver’s seat formula. It is the red thread on the way to your personal development and success. My personal mantra “Sit in the driver’s seat” helped me through my professional challenges.

From person to person

I work with you one on one using cognitive and systemic methods combined with a wealth of experience and expertise that you can access when needed.
Notwithstanding methods and expertise: It’s the human factor which counts. We will work together using your own resourcefulness in order to reach your goals. Sound decisions are always based on a combination of clear thinking and good gut feeling.

Contact Me

As your coach I will discuss with you in confidence your needs. I will explain to you how the coaching process works and discuss how to best achieve the desired outcome. You may be embarking on the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life.