My reading list for the summer

My reading list for the summer

Summertime is reading time – these are the books I take on vacation:

Yuval Noah Harari: Sapiens – A brief history of humankind. The fascinating history of the human species, I take as an e-book.

Julia Hobsbawm: Fully connected – Surviving and thriving in an age of overload. Julia, whom I got to meet personally, probably knows more about connectivity and networking in the 21st century than anyone else in the world.

Charles Handy: The Second Curve – Thoughts on reinventing society. Charles Handy is one of the giants of the management philosophers. My paperback, signed by him, is coming along now for the third time and is every time fascinating again.

Michelle Obama: Becoming – My Story. A Christmas present from my daughter, I’m looking forward to reading it.